The truth is one, but it consists of components

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The truth is one. The truth is one, but complicated, because, although the truth is one, it consists of the StructureElements of Truth, which, in turn, consists of components, which in itself, although are components of StructureElements, each is a StructureElement with its own components, in N-th depth, which are related to each other at the nearest/furthest point in space-time and in common interaction, at different levels and according to its own characteristics, forms a common interaction, which together also forms the Observable Truth/Phenomen. 

It is:

•    Each StructureElement of the Phenomena consists of one/several components, which are the forming components of the Phenomenon StructureElements, which form at the nearest/farthest point in time and whose overall interaction also forms the StructureElement;

•    Each component in itself is an observable particle of the Phenomenon with its own typical StructureElements. These StructureElements consist of components, which in itself is observable Phenomenon particles with their own characteristics and structural parts and structural components…, which forms various interaction links in the near/distant past and in common interaction forms one Phenomenon;

•    The observable Phenomenon depends only on the existence of the various StructureElements and the characteristics of their formative components;

•    An observable Phenomenon and the existence of the StructureElements of the Phenomenon are directly consequent/dependent on its components. By replacing the components of a StructureElement, another StructureElement is formed and thus the observable Phenomenon, or – Truth. Regardless of the scientific or domestic area, the phenomenon under consideration, these observations and findings are universal.