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Artistically speaking – the High Energy Singularity was like a seed that immediately began to "sprout" for unknown reasons. Until reaching the point where 6 quarks were formed. All the Energy of that time was concentrated in the Universe and Quark particles of that moment. Combining, in various combinations, two of the six quarks produced Protons & Neutrons. By combining Protons & Neutrons in various combinations, they began to form Atoms, or what is known in chemistry as – Mendeleev's table. At the moment, there are 118 elements in the table, which differ only in the number and proportion of Protons & Neutrons in the Atom's nucleus. All these 118 Atoms participate in the Energy exchange process. Atoms combine to form molecules. Billions of different molecules. Specific molecules of a Carbon Atom create Amino Acids, which in turn make up Proteins. Proteins make up cells. Cells make up organs. Organs make up Organ systems. Organ systems make up the human body. This entire biochemical structure is a Component of the Universe, which is a Participant in the Energy Transformation & Transmission described in the Law of Energy Constancy.



If all the Energy was concentrated in these 6 quarks, of which only 2 make up the Visible Universe, and knowing that in the visible universe, only 5% is matter formed by a combination of two quarks, then it would be logical to accept and hypothesize that the remaining 4 quarks in one or another combination form Branches of other universes with their own characteristic, but different from us, as we do understand – biochemical composition and with Energy transmission and transformation.

Since the Human Eye and Man-made measuring instruments are composed of two Quark Matter, they participate in and are able to recognize only the manifestations of the Energy exchange and transformation of these two Quarks, but not the remaining 4, and therefore cannot be seen by Man. A person even sees a little in the visible universe either with his eyes or thanks to specialized equipment.


The properties of electromagnetic radiation in the visible universe arise from only two of the six quarks. If the Energy is also in the remaining quarks, then our measuring instruments are not able to detect them.

The physical/chemical composition of the visible universe is diverse. Human existence requires specific conditions. If a person wants to be outside life-specific conditions, his body needs specific solutions that will provide these specific conditions locally:

  • In very cold weather, a person will dress more warmly;
  • At the bottom of the ocean, a person will go with an underwater spacesuit, or a specially designed high-pressure submarine/bathyscaphe;
  • Going into space with a specially designed space suit, from a specially designed space station;
  • The volcano will be visited with a spacesuit of special material and configuration;
  • Each of the above-mentioned solutions includes solutions for special additional functions – oxygen, water purification equipment, food growing technologies in space, materials resistant to temperature, pressure and radiation, etc., etc.

The law of conservation of energy states that nothing can come from nothing. The universe is said to be 18+ billion years old. The age of planet Earth is said to be 4.5 billion years. The oldest form of life, bacteria, is said to be 3.5 billion years old. Man, or at that time Hominins, first appeared about 6 million years ago.

But what if in one of these 4 parts of the universe of other quarks, there was what we call Life/Intelligence? A civilization that would have evolved so far over time that it would have learned and understood that there is an Energy Exchange Transformation Universe of two other quarks that should be explored and where they cannot survive, what are they like? Shouldn't they be using a "Spacesuit" in this two-Quark universe? Wouldn't we ourselves, by going to unsuitable physical/chemical environmental conditions, create the same for ourselves?




The truth/phenomenon is one, everything consists of something and lets try to use the following hypothetical model::

A representative of civilization

There is something called Life, in other situations it is called Consciousness

In a space suit

Born in the Human Body, with:

Psyche and or Soul

or – AIRPRPS – Automatic Information Reception, Processing, Response Provisioning System. Scientists now call it Psyche

The key to understanding is:


This trinity is in the continuous transformations/exchanges of energy in the Environment described above and is part of the Law of Constancy of Energy. It is possible – Humans are a representative of other Quark Universe Civilization, who found a way to enter into an alien Quark Universe by “dressing up in a specially constructed Spacesuit”, already at birth. As there, the “biochemistry” of those quarks is different, their existence and communication are different there, but here exactly such a solution is needed – a representative of Civilization is born in a “space suit” with an Automatic Information Reception, Processing, Response System (AIRPRPS), or, what is called – Psyche. Human Psychology and Manifestations of the Psyche – in behaviour, words, emotions, and feelings are as much Mechanical in nature as Human Physiology is. The life which was born into the body – is not mechanical. It is the representative of the Other Quark Universe Civilization in our Two Quark Universe, where the body is a technical device, like the design of a Tesla car, with an autopilot system in it – AIRPRPS, or Psyche. AIRPRPS, or Psyche, consists of various systems, such as:
  • Fear. Fear is a warning system and its function is to warn the Pilot;
  • Anger. Anger occurs in situations where the Pilot is faced with an injustice or a problem that needs to be resolved. Anger is an AIRPRPS booster dose of energy to solve a problem. How a person behaves in anger depends on the tools used. In the dominant majority of cases, destructive tools are used;
  • Love. Love is creative Energy. People don’t love each other. The Second Human opens the flow of Creative Energy.
Each Emotion and feeling has its own function and meaning. They are classifiable by their functionality, assuming that the body and AIRPRPS are just tools for a representative of a civilization of other quarks here in the universe of these quarks.

The human body consists of more than 200 different cells. Each cell and combination of cells – organelles, organs and organ systems – has its own unique or multiple functions.

The human brain is one, but it consists of components. There are 60 functional areas in the brain. Each functional area consists of its own sub-areas. Each subunit consists of neurons. Neurons are interconnected by links.

No two people have the same brain structures. The structures of the brain and the areas in them and therefore the neurons (substrate) are different.

There is a branch of science which cuts the brain into 6000 parts and then counts the number of neurons in each area. Forms functional maps of the brain. One brain takes up to three years to research.

No two people have the same brain. The functional areas differ from each other. There may be no sub-sections at all. If there are no sub-areas, then there is no functional one either. The quantitative number of neurons in the sub-sections can vary by up to 40 times between different brains.

Cells convey information to the functional Areas where functional information processing takes place. For example the ear. All humans have the same number of eardrum sensors. The signal from the eardrum is conducted to the auditory area, where the information is processed. Those with more neurons – hear more nuanced. In order to write down notes, additional functional areas of the brain are connected. In order to compose independently, additional functional areas of the brain are connected. When performing multitasking tasks, the functional areas of the brain cooperates, and in this case, 300 structures are listed. That is, the functional diversity of the human body is made up of 200+ cells, and the functional diversity of the human is made up of the 300+ interacting structures of the brain.

The diversity of the functional elements of a person and their improper functioning, which is called diseases, is so complicated that in order to correct and treat these changes, a person needs to study at least 6 years at a university, practice for many years, not the entire scope, but acquiring a special specialization. At the same time, Humanity talks about the Psyche/Talents, but the Theorists of psychology admit that they observe the Phenomena caused by the Psyche, but they do not have a Theory that explains the Psyche.

Psyche. Psychology is a science that studies the mind and behaviour of people – the psyche. But what is Psyche? What are the definitions of Psyche? I will mention only two: 

  1. The brain's ability to reflect objective reality, analyze and synthesize received irritations and respond to them correctly; set of human nervous activity processes; also the soul;
  2. The human soul, mind, or spirit.

What is the definition of Soul?

  • Human psychic structure, spiritual world, and essence, which manifests as a whole of certain feelings, thoughts, and personality traits; the world of human feelings; also the psyche.

Nothing concrete, tangible and understandable. A vicious circle came together – the psyche is the soul, the soul is the psyche, but there is no answer. And so it is, the problem of the current Social System – vicious circles, contradictions, the mutual struggle between different peoples, strata, social and professional groups/layers/castes, and even between each other within their own strata because there is no common understanding of Self. There are various explanations and black/white settings. And each side says – God is with us. We are God's chosen… We can do what others cannot, because God, God's representatives, we are God's chosen, and the rest of you…

Let's imagine for a moment and model


The phenomenon is one – it consists of many different structural units with their own components. Man as a Phenomenon is one, but it consists of 3 main structural units, which in turn consist of components:

1. Intelligence, that which manifests itself when we think, which is born -;

2. In a biochemical body (with organ systems and biochemical components) – the space (spacesuit) in which intelligence and its content Content live, or –

3. The inner world – the Soul, and with which it acts, that which is born in the body.

That is – Man consists of 3 structural units:

1. What is born in the Human body is not clearly defined at the moment, but you feel it and understand it – when you think.

2. The body, or in the example of the house mentioned below – the house that stores and ensures the functionality of the expression of point 1 and the accumulation of point 3 – begins to be filled with Content, or the third component of

3. the Soul, which is a collection of Knowledge, understanding, skills, experience…

… which, in accordance with the knowledge, understanding and skills of the individual, causes the undefined, mentioned in Point 1 to be expressed – to behave, or to use it – which is born in the human body and thinks, or uses, what has accumulated in it historically and is preserved biochemically, physically and materially in the human body.

Due to the limited possibilities of the language, I confused the text so that it is understandable that it is a symbiotic process because there is a parallel interaction of different processes.

Imagine you are sitting at the table with a person and have a conversation. The person sitting across table expresses through mouth words and his thoughts. Verbalizes information. This sound (movement of molecules) enters your ears, and then goes to certain areas of the brain, activating the neurons of certain areas, which are also responsible for this topic. Then the brain's response is Verbalized back – You respond to the person sitting. The catch is that it has been scientifically established that at first a non-verbal response is formed in the brain and then some time passes until the person opens his mouth and tells a story – verbalizes it. Little time. It's milliseconds, but the time difference is. That is – the brain already has a mature answer, but the Man has not said it yet. YOU DON'T KNOW IT!!! BE UNAWARE. This does not mean that the brain determines. Now it is considered so. I will give an example. A computer works with 0's and 1's when executing commands. In the old days, computers were taught by programmers who talked to the computer through direct 0/1 and or commands. But not everyone can. That is why the Visual Interface was born when icons, folders, and desktops appeared. A person only needs to press the mouse and the execution of certain commands in computer language begins. Here it is similar – the exchange of information takes place at the molecular level through the voice and sound apparatus, when the Energy coming from a person is encoded and moves in the molecular world – the brain, larynx, air molecules of the 1st person, the eardrums, brain, larynx, etc. of the second person in a circle. Usually, Man does not think about it because he does not know it. It seems that everything is happening non-stop, that it is thinking, etc., but in reality it is that – no there is a difference. Information was entered, into internal processes, and without the participation of reason, a response took place, which after milliseconds was verbalized through the mouth. The action of a representative of a High Civilization – thinking or Intelligence verbalizing anything, learning to speak anything, converts and or synthesizes Information at a molecular level, so that it is transferred to another construct of a representative of a high civilization, through the molecular flow of air that affects the sensors of the eardrum, in such a way that it understands.

Imagine for a moment that what is called the Soul is a house with rooms. Workroom contains all content related to work. The kitchen has everything for cooking. The toilet, bathroom, utility room, basement, garage, gym, medicine cabinet, bedroom, greenhouse, backyard garden, children's room, library, etc. Each room is a Thematic Part of Your Soul. Its content is also what is "operated on", what is born in the body. It changes, replenishes, cleanses or becomes cluttered according to what lives in this House. What an experience it has. Houses are different. Their functionality is different and, therefore, the contents of the house and premises are filled in different ways. Certain material things are collected in a room with certain functionality, say the kitchen – plates, forks, spoons, furniture, etc. Physically, they are on shelves and cabinets. They are material. People must understand and constantly remind themselves that Human Knowledge, Understanding, Experience, Beliefs, and Insights are as biochemically material as a spoon on the kitchen table, only with the difference that kitchen items are tangible. A person sees and can feel them, but Knowledge, Understanding, Experience, Beliefs, and Insights cannot be seen and cannot be felt. A person cannot feel the organs, what is inside it? Man, can't feel the hormones, vitamins, and minerals circulating in the body? They are also material, but inaccessible due to location and/or size. You can't feel it, but if you understand their existence, functionality and vitality, then you will work on improving them. Human – Knowledge, Understanding, Experience, Beliefs, Insights also records in biochemical processes and remains as MATERIAL substances – Proteins through which, in a continuous process, Energy flows when they are involved. Information is not recorded in a person, as in a computer with 0 and 1, it is a more complex process. For example, in interneuron signal coding, a single signal consists of 20,000 small biochemical components called mediators. The signal does not go in one direction, it leaves both neurons at the same time. Everyone should understand this. It must come to that. It has an archival meaning. Human Psychology and Manifestations of the Psyche – in behaviour, words, emotions, and feelings are as much Mechanical in nature as Human Physiology is and directly depend on what and how is recorded in biochemical processes, on what the representative of Civilization has encountered here, in this quark in the universe. The life which was born into the body – is not mechanical. What is perceived as Intelligence is not Mechanical in nature.

If we want to understand and educate any human being, we must forget about psychology, it does not answer a whole bunch of questions. Instead, it should be understood that:

Let's remember that the Truth is one and Everything consists of something and try to use the following, hypothetical model –

• There is something called Life (hereinafter Life), in other situations the same is called Consciousness,

• Born in the Human Body, with what is called Psyche and or Soul, or – AIPARPS – Automatic Information Reception, Processing, Answer Reaction Provision System, which accumulates information, skills, morals, experience, portfolio of positive/negative solved problems. Now scientists call it Psyche, in spiritual literature it is called Soul. Above, we compared it to Rooms with its content.

This trinity is in the continuous transformations/exchanges of energy in the Environment described above and is part of the Law of Constancy of Energy.

Every Human being comes into this world with Talent potential and Physiological/Psychological needs. Every Human has his own unique or several Talents. Talent depends on several cofactors – external environment, human biochemistry, human experience, the size of brain areas, which can vary many, many times from individual to individual and personal work to learn.

For example – hearing. The vibrations of the molecules enter a specific function in the cell, which is so sensitive that it can sense movement at the size of a half-atom. That is, when a molecule moves in the size of half an atom, this type of cell is able to feel it. In all people, this type of cell in the ear is exactly the same. It is standard – 25,000 for both ears. Why people differ so much in what they hear depends solely on individual differences in brain areas. The bottom line is that for every function a Human performs, there is a specific section in the Brain that deals with processing and expressing that information/activity. Next, the signal from the ears, with the same structure and number of molecular motion sensor cells in all people, goes to the corresponding areas of the brain, where one of the areas is the hearing area. And here, due to the morphological differences of the brain, there is also a difference – what and how an individual hears. The same brain region can vary many times between different individuals. The brain is one, it consists of structural elements that consist of components… The morphology of the brain is very complicated, its research, despite the large amount of data, is still ongoing. In this case, the idea is that there are many and various talents, but we have not understood them, we have not categorized them, and our state institutions are doing too little to develop and realize them. No, the morphological difference of the brain determines everything. It's not. It is combined with hard, long-term and routine work of learning, learning and then Manifesting, regardless of the field in which you are doing. Brain weight cannot be a criterion to be proud and stand out. For example, the poet George Gordon Byron's brain was 2230g. At the same time, François-Anatole Thibault, laureate of the Nobel prize for literature in 1017. Brain weight and size are not the determining factor. Importantly, the variability of brain morphology is a continuous process. It is not that a child is born with the size of brain regions of a certain structure and they will remain so. No. Their development takes place in moments of challenge. Or when they are used. And here it is necessary to understand – what is a challenge and what is not. What is a workout and what is not. Someone, then it must be.

To understand this better, let's take as an example an exercise. A muscle is one, but it consists of structural elements of Muscles. There are approximately 600 muscles in the human body, which are divided into 3 main types:

  • Skeletal muscles;
  • Cardiovascular musculature
  • Smooth muscles

Smooth muscles are further divided into two groups. All three groups can be divided in more detail, but to express the idea more easily I will use Skeletal muscles as an example. Cross-striated muscle tissue – forms the skeletal muscles, ensuring the movement of the body. Muscles adapt to physical exertion. If, for a time, the physical load decreases, the possibilities of the performed work decrease. For example, if a person breaks his leg and is bedridden for a month, he will have to learn to walk again. You have to learn like that in the sense that the muscles have adapted to 0 load and they should be pushed back slowly. A muscle has many muscle fibres. Its catch-up happens so that the human muscles are adapted to a certain load. When the ceiling is reached during the load, the muscle fibres burst. They grow together so that one becomes 2. When they grow together, the muscle's capacity for increased load increases. When the ceiling for a new load is reached, the muscle fibre cannot withstand and breaks again. When it regenerates, 2 are produced from one fibre and the volume of the muscle and thus the strength ceiling increases. When the muscles are not used, the number of fibres decreases. Since there are many different skeletal muscle groups, different exercises are recommended for more successful training, because the target muscle group of each exercise is different. There is no single exercise that engages and provides a load for all skeletal muscle groups.

Intellectual activity is not when using existing load/knowledge, but learning new, resynthesizing existing or expanding it. But the exact opposite happens – a person begins to use fewer and fewer different muscles/knowledge more and more often and loses the ability to synthesize new. The rest that is not used lose their strength and energy and thus disappear from the Memory. It is believed that the best way to train the brain is to do intellectual activities – for example, solving crossword puzzles or mathematical problems. It turns out that the best exercise for the brain at home is calligraphy. Just as there are different groups of skeletal muscles, the brain also has different brain regions for each function. Calligraphy, while providing only a fraction of the involvement of all brain areas, engages more brain areas than, say, solving crossword puzzles. When a person performs an activity, certain functional areas of the brain are activated. Activated means that more oxygenated blood flows into these areas. Artistically, it can be said that at that moment you are airing the room, its inhabitants. As is known, the lack of oxygen in the brain leads to the death of brain neurons. The wider and more diverse activities, physical and intellectual, a person has, the more diverse information he receives/transmits, the more diverse physical and cultural activities he provides for himself in life, the more different muscle groups and brain areas are activated and the Person is physically more alert and Adequate. A person does not know, because he has not been taught to understand it, that the Psyche is an information-processing mechanism that provides a response in an automatic mode. Just as the Human Body is made up of various Organ Systems, which in turn are made up of Organs, which in turn are made up of… till infinitum…

The Psyche is an Information Processing Environment Ecosystem with its own processes that provide certain functionality that utilizes information, knowledge and experience that are stored in the human body and acquired under certain conditions – at school, at home, experience, books, etc. That is, every Person gathers a combination of information corresponding to him and only him, which can be processed by the mechanisms of the Psychic Ecosystem. For example – fear. Fear is a warning system. The alert system uses the information it has. For example, to get children to sleep, they are afraid of buggers or other bad guys who will take them away. Who will take something away. For all. For absolutely all people, one of the components of the mechanisms of the psyche is a warning system, which is simply called – Fear. What you perceive as Intelligence or that which thinks, is neither the Psyche (part of the psyche mechanism) nor the body. This is what decides – where and how He/She will manifest in certain situations. Where the Energy will flow. He/She decides solely based on and resulting from what is at his/her disposal – preserved in the form of knowledge, experience, acquired, which manifests itself – in behaviour, actions and verbalizing, what he/she is aware of, i.e. speaking/shouting, i.e. diverting, discharging, the transformed (transformed) Energy Created during the Energy exchange, from the component of the Psycho-Physiological Universe called Human. This has been demonstrated in the example of how words were verbalized in Human, after many milliseconds, from the processes taking place in the brain area. And that plays a huge role in understanding what kind of problem it creates. The generation of the answer is on autopilot, provided by various mechanisms of the Psyche. It may have Values, but it will not live by them, because it will be more fun to watch TV and not to listen to the problems of the opposite side and to look for solutions and to fulfill it, to help self-expression… Fear. Regardless of the person's age and the type and area of the bug, the warning system uses the information it has. Stops. The task of the fear mechanism is to deal with potentially life-threatening information, and protect that which is born in the body and is integrated in close interaction with the mechanisms of the psyche. Intelligence is not intelligence. The mind that thinks is probably a representative of a highly developed Civilization, from the universe/dimension of other quarks that are born and use, what is at its disposal and how is it, what and how it is used depends only on what and how has learned to use. And at a given moment, the Life that was born and trained does not know and does not understand that:

 It does not have all the knowledge and information at its disposal so that it can evaluate everything and make a correct decision;

Pilot does not have any Psychic mechanism at her disposal that can tell the truth/falseness of the incoming information

The human brain has different neurons. There is a place where information is recorded, the so-called memory, and there are, for example, mirror neurons, with certain functionality, which autistics do not have and cannot socialize. This is about knowledge and memory. Any infant has twice as many neurons as an adult. When a baby encounters information, it is recorded in a neuron. Automatically, without the participation of Consciousness. Below is the process of how this happens. It is minimized to the root of the essence. Let's say:

  1. blue in one neuron,
  2. cloud in the second,
  3. sun in the third,
  4. rain in the fourth.

Then, when the child understands that the sky is blue, an interneuron connection is formed between these neurons, through which energy (biochemically) flows. It is physical. It is biochemical. If you understand that there are no clouds in the blue sky, then interneuronal connections are formed between these neurons. Neurons with as many as a million connections to other neurons have been observed. When a person is born, grows and learns, neurons are filled with content, and interneuron connections were formed, until around the age of 3, the larger neurons begin to swallow the smaller ones. Therefore, the earliest childhood memories disappear. They physically die because the neurons containing them are "eaten" by other neurons.

Also it is important to always keep in mind and remember – if we assume that there is 100% knowledge, even if it is in different fields, disciplines, or the common Truth, which could even fit in one brain, then when each of us enters the world, it begins to learn, each field, each discipline separately. It has only 1 tiny bit at its disposal. At the beginning, as tiny as 0.000…0001 particle, then it gradually learns its surroundings, what it can eat, what it can't, what it can touch, and what it can't. Experience in communication with the people around you begins to form. Their behaviour/interaction patterns are adopted. But they are not perfect and full-fledged, because they learn to interact with one element of characteristics, but the people they meet can be elements of another characteristic. Brother/Sister is not the same as Mom/Dad. You are not the same as Mom/Dad. Each person is not like another. The contents of the rooms make us unique. In the same room there are different objects and different methods of application, which determine uniqueness and if we divide each into the same categories, it prevents us from seeing and acting according to Reality and what we need. There are special proteins that record information in the neuron. Depending on the amount of intake of new information by the individual, the body develops the amount of these proteins. When does this protein regenerate? In sleep. This is one of the reasons why schoolchildren/students fall asleep during a lesson/lecture – they came across information that was not in them, the protein ran out while recording it and because of it, it is necessary to restore this protein for further activity, people fall asleep.

Information is recorded when encountered. There is no mechanism in a person that tells before the information is recorded whether it is true, complete and objective or vice versa. Only a continuous process of cognition, experimentation and rearrangement of knowledge ensures the knowledge of Truth. The problem is that when the Pilot is born in a human body and manifests himself in various situations, with the little tools, i.e. knowledge, experiences, and understandings that he has at his disposal, he grows into one whole with them and does not distinguish himself from them, he is sure that he is maximally right. It stops learning and acts, with what it has, and comes into conflict situations with owners of Other Talents. That is why the existing, God-centered, public system has come into so many contradictions – when a person believes that the World was created by God, they do not understand their true Essence, construction and operating principles. If we believe that we are created by God, everything will go on as before.

But if we will understand and will find out that indeed – the unseen and unused consequences of the Law of Conservation of Energy show that there are other dimensions/Universes of Quarks, in which there may be a Highly Developed Civilization that has found a way to enter this quark universe, through birth and these are us Humans – a representative of Civilization, born in the body, with AIPARPS, with which information it handles Creating, in various areas, it is possible to create an improved Social Order.

The problem is we must come to a conclusion – are we representatives of the Developed Civilization (with our history and experience) here, or were we created by God many thousands of years ago? It is necessary to understand who we are and what we are. 

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